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Pleasant Gehman-possessed of talents too numerous to count – is most of all, a formidable wordsmith. Her writing surpasses all her talents and that's saying a lot because she is so goddamn good at everything. Every time she writes anything I am anxious – jonesing like a junkie sweating for morphine – desperate to get my hands on it, devouring every word in a kind of literary binge. Her descriptions and details are devastating. She's like a seasoned jazz musician in her approach to literary pursuits, making up her own chords and time signatures, defying every convention while at the same time adhering to every one.  Just read her. You need to.
- Margaret Cho

Senorita Sin (Incommunicado Press, 1994)

Princess Of Hollywood (Incommunicado Press, 1996)

Escape From Houdini Mountain (Manic D. Press, 1999)

The Underground Guide To Los Angeles
Vol. 1,2, 3 (Manic D Press, 1999, 2002 2004)

Showgirl Confidential; My Life Onstage, Backstage, And On The Road
(Punk Hostage Press, 2013)

The Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion For The Serious Dancer
 (Princess Publications, 2014)


Under The Big Black Sun: A Personal History Of LA Punk
(De Capo Press, 2016 )By John Doe, Tom De Savia and friends
 Pleasant Wrote Chapter 5: A Nonstop Crazy Party


(Teenage) Lobotomy  with co-author Theresa Kereakes ( Punk Hostage Press 2016)

Walking The Tarot Path with co-author Crystal Ravenwolf (Divination Nation 2016)

(Super) Natural Woman: A  Life Touched By The Paranormal (2017)

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Showgirl Confidential BookShowgirl Confidential chronicles just some of Princess Farhana/Pleasant Gehman's amazing adventures, culled from over thirty years spent constantly on the road. From cross-country punk rock tours in the early 1980's to her extraordinary belly dancing escapades in Cairo during the Arab Spring, from the dressing room antics at burlesque shows to unnerving paranormal experiences, this memoir is as finely crafted as it is riveting. The easy finesse of her writing, her keen memory and eye for detail will leave the reader devouring each story while remaining hungry for more.
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Escape From houdini Mountain bookEscape From Houdini Mountain contains twenty-six of Pleasant's deft and daffy memoir short stories. Alternately hilarious and sad, compassionate, bizarre and full of a devil-may-care lust for life, this book chronicles her escapades from trysts on the French Riviera to lofts on Manhattan's Lower East Side in the late 1970's to Hollywood's seamy underbelly. Populated by rock stars and wannabes, acid-dropping clowns, desperate women, aging punks and transvestites-turned evangelists, this book chronicles an underground subculture beyond most people's wildest imagination.
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BellyDance HandbookThe Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion For The Serious Dancer is the definitive resource for anyone committed to this incredible ancient art. Starting from the ground up, internationally acclaimed artist Princess Farhana  (Pleasant Gehman) freely shares her extensive knowledge on the practical application of belly dancing as a lifestyle. For new dancers just beginning their journey to seasoned performers, there is something for everyone. With information ranging from   technique and history to costuming, props and stage make up; from community-building and networking to turning pro, teaching and traveling, you will learn invaluable tips and tricks culled from her own twenty-plus years of experience. Princess Farhana learned these things the hard way…so you won't have to!
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